TQS BOM 2018 - The Patchwork Barn Quilt

By Edyta Sitar

Join us on a TQS exclusive 12-month creative journey along America’s backcountry roads as we bring you "The Patchwork Barn Quilt," a fabulous quilt designed especially for TQS by Edyta Sitar. A spectacular medallion quilt featuring a barn nestled amongst rows of ‘crops’ (blocks). Edyta’s design inspiration was the result of observing the painted quilt blocks on the side of barns as she traveled across the country.

Known for her love of colorfully elegant scrap quilts, Edyta has this time, used her magic touch by combining a wide variety of blue and cream fabrics set against a creamy background. The resulting design is a stunning, but quieter scrap quilt that is sure to be a family favorite for generations to come. Each month we will provide photos, detailed directions for a portion of the quilt, and full-size patterns.


The Patchwork Barn Quilt Pattern (which finishes at 75” x 79”)
is FREE to all Star Members!
Fabric kits, including the laser cut appliqués are available in the TQS Shop!

Our 2018 Block of the month The Patchwork Barn Quilt in the Blue Sky color way has officially sold out!

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Available On: April 1, 2018

This month's three blocks include the churn dash (also known as a monkey wrench) and a spool. Are you being careful to save your scraps? Don't forget to do that if you want a super fun scrappy quilt. As before, each block will be made three times for a total of nine blocks.


NOTE the following correction for Block 11:

In Step 1, the diagram has 2 7/8” written in the little triangles when the correct number should be 2 3/8”.



Available On: March 1, 2018

This month you'll be making three new blocks including some flying geese and bear paws. Don't let the triangles intimidate you. Take your time, focus on precision, and before you know it, you will have the blocks completed. Each block will be made three times for a total of nine blocks.




Available On: February 1, 2018

This month you will be creating three more blocks three times each for a total of nine blocks. Using a strong contrast for your pinwheel points will let your piecing skills shine.

3/14/2018: Another update needs to be made to your instructions:
Increase the size of squares for the C triangles (Block 5)—they need to be 3” squares cut in half on the diagonal, not 2 7/8” as the instructions currently say. We will update the instructions download as soon as the correction is available.

The Month 2 file was updated on 2/26/2018 to correct the following error:

In Block 5, step 2, Unit B should be 4.75” unfinished, not 4.5”.

If you downloaded the file prior to 2/26/2018, you might wish to download the corrected version.



Available On: January 1, 2018

We begin this month with three blocks. Each block is made three times for a total of nine blocks. Save all the scraps as you make the blocks, so that you can use the leftovers in future blocks for a more scrappy look.





The introduction packet includes everything you will need to begin working on the Patchwork Barn TQS 2018 Block-of-the-Month quilt.