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The Quilt Show Newsletter - April 19, 2024

Second Place - Small Quilts at QuiltCon 2024, On The Set with Mary Kerr, Texas Tech: Taylor, Texas, Batting and Quilts, Dee LIVE: Easy Improv - Class 04, In The Store - Magic Garden Wool Appliqué Kit, A "Expanded" Puzzle
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On The Set with Mary Kerr

After some time away, Mary Kerr makes her triumphant return to The Quilt Show this week. She has come to share the rich history and traditions of vintage quilts and so much more. Go behind the scenes of our new show and get a glimpse at how to make Cracklin giftable mementos and what makes and sets Southern quilts apart from others.

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The Quilt Show Puzzle: "Expanded Consciousness" by Maday Delgado

Do a puzzle of Maday Delgado's quilt, Expanded Consciousness.

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The Quilt Show Newsletter - April 17, 2024

Second Place - Minimalist Design at QuiltCon 2024, Ricky Tims Shows You How to Create Fabric with Scraps, Alex LIVE: Jonathan Shannon Collection, Easy Pre-Made Binding - And a Fun (Sparkly!) Way to Store It, Jinny Beyer's Memory Match Game, A Puzzle That Takes You Home
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Jinny's Memory Match: 04/17/24

Are you trying your best to get over the Wednesday Blues and make it to the weekend? Well, Jinny Beyer's Memory Match Game is here to help with that!


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The Quilt Show Newsletter - April 15, 2024

Second Place - Improvisation at QuiltCon 2024, Remembering Faith Ringgold, See Maday Delgado's Beautiful and Sustainable Quilts, Alex LIVE: The Quilt Controversy, Textile Talks: Spiritual Technology - The Work of Basil Kincaid, In The Store - Australian Aboriginal Designs Fat Quarter Bundles by M & S Textiles Australia, An Unspooled Puzzle
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Textile Talks: Spiritual Technology - The Work of Basil Kincaid​​​, presented by International Quilt Museum

Presented by the International Quilt Museum"The International Quilt Museum returns for a second conversation with Basil Kincaid, an American artist who honors and evolves traditional practices through quilting, collaging, photography, installation, and performance. The conversation will be led by Dr. Sharbreon Plummer. Dr. Plummer is a strategist, educator, and independent researcher whose work focuses on Southern folkways and Black textile traditions. She is the curator of Of Salt and Spirit (November 2024) and author of Black Quilts: Memory, Methods and Medicine (Chronicle Books, 2026)." Register today and watch when this episode airs this Wednesday, April 17, 2024, at 2 PM EDT.

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Faith Ringgold's Art of Fearlessness and Joy

Artist Faith Ringgold, well known for her story quilts depicting African-American experiences, has died. She was 93. Her influence spread across all creative and cultural boundaries and she will be missed. You can learn more about this amazing artist in this story from CBS Sunday Morning.

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The Quilt Show Puzzle: "End Of The Spin" by Melissa Sobotka

Do a puzzle of Melissa Sobotka's quilt, End Of The Spin.

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The Quilt Show Newsletter - April 14, 2024

Spring Has Sprung with this Quilt, Our Producer's Vision for Maday Delgado's Show, Understanding How to Use Your Serger, SAQA's 2024 Spotlight Auction, New In The Store - The Purse Light by Carolina Moore, A Beautiful Puzzle
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WeAllSew Tutorial: Serging 101 - Understanding Your Serger

We get it, the Serger can be a little bit scary if you've never used one before. But fear not, because Silvia Sutters over at WeAllSew has the inside track to the basic knowledge you need to turn your serger from enemy to ally in no time flat. Plus, we couldn't get through Serger Month without at least addressing the basics at some point (get it?).

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SAQA’s 2024 Spotlight Auction

From SAQA: "The Spotlight Auction will be an online event taking place from April 12-20, 2024. You do NOT have to be a SAQA member to participate - bidding is open to anyone! All proceeds will help support SAQA programs." Alex and Ricky both have quilts in the Spotlight Auction this year, and you can sneak a peek at both of them by clicking through.
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The Quilt Show Puzzle: "Beauty In Everything" by Maday Delgado

Do a puzzle of Maday Delgado's quilt, Beauty In Everything.

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Ricky Tims Talks To Producer Shelly Heesacker About Her Vision for Maday Delgado's Show

Shelly Heesacker, the producer of The Quilt Show, tells Ricky Tims about her vision for Maday Delgado's guest appearance. Maday's mission is to teach art and make beautiful things and her angle is all about sustainability. She will teach you about Hand Stitching and Improv Curved Piecing. Plus, learn what Ricky shares about how he works with scraps to make new fabric.

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Trailer 3408: Learn the Art of Make Do Quilting (Cracklin Mats) and the Elements of Southern Quilts with Mary Kerr

Debuting April 21, 2024: On the next Quilt Show, Mary Kerr believes old is where the gold is. Mary loves to give quilters permission to work with vintage textiles and make creative designs that will blow your mind. Wait till you see how she transforms an old drunkard's path block.

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The Quilt Show Newsletter - April 12, 2024

Stacey A. Watson's Judge's Choice Award at QuiltCon 2024, "Pattern and Paradox: The Quilts of Amish Women" Exhibit, Learn the Difference Between a Walking Foot and Dual Feed, Dee LIVE: Easy Improv - Class 03, Learn To Do Wool Appliqué and Embroidery in Alex's Next FREE "Magic Garden" Wool Appliqué Class, A Puzzle Full of Memories
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"Pattern and Paradox: The Quilts of Amish Women"​ on Display at the Smithsonian American Art Museum​

From the Smithsonian American Art Museum"Explore the creative practice of Amish quilters in the United States. Pattern and Paradox: The Quilts of Amish Women looks beyond quilting as a utilitarian practice. It reveals historical quilting among the Amish as an aesthetic endeavor that walked a line between cultural and individual expression. The quilts paradoxically twin the plain with the spectacular, tradition with innovation, and a dismissal of personal pride with objects often seen as extraordinary artworks."

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WeAllSew Tutorial: Difference Between Walking Foot and Dual Feed​

From Susan Beck at WeAllSew"Fabric feeding isn’t something we think about very often, but it can be important to the final results of your sewing projects. Poor feeding of the fabric can result in mismatched patterns, ill-fitting garments, and misaligned projects. Walking Foot #50 and the Dual Feed available on some BERNINA models can help." Learn the differences between the two feet and find out which one you should use for which project.

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The Quilt Show Puzzle: "Memory Of Stitches" by Maday Delgado

Do a puzzle of Maday Delgado's quilt, Memory Of Stitches.

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