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Karen Turner's Intuitive Daily Stitching Project Creates a Year-Long Embroidered Tapestry

Some quilters get their quilting fix by working on a project one step at a time day after day. Karen Turner has taken that concept to the next level with her Intuitive Daily Stitching where she "marks the passage of time through embroidery stitches" and "adds thread marks to fabric to chronicle each day." Don't understand the concept? Click through and find out how Karen stitched on a single tapestry every day for a whole year to create an amazing embroidered work.

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Embroidered Anointing Screen for Coronation

There is a long tradition throughout history of producing works of art for special occasions. This could amount to anything, a presidential portrait, a quilt for a new baby, or, in the case of the newly anointed King of the United Kingdom, an Embroidered Anointing Screen for his Coronation created by the Royal School of Needlework. Take a peek behind the scenes and learn about the creation of this amazing embroidered work that was "designed and produced for use during the Coronation Service on 6 May at Westminster Abbey."

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A Dress Embroidered With Straw

What is the most delicate thing you have worked with? Silk, lace, antique fabric? Well, how about STRAW!?!? That's right, this dress made in 1865 was embroidered with straw and is part of the collection of the Weinmuseum in Italy. Find out how the straw was used to create this stunning ball gown that has lasted for over 150 years!

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See Alex Anderson's Embroidered Buttons

Our viewers were asking to see up-close shots of the vintage and contemporary buttons that Alex embellished in our show with Colette Dumont. Well, here they are and they are just fabulous. Take a look for yourselves!
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Textile Talks: Al margen de las artes with Paola Carmago González

This weeks Textile Talk is brought to you by SAQA and is a discussion with Paola Carmago González about "the work of Colombian embroiderers: Flor Tapia, Gladys Acevedo, and Blanca Nubia Díaz. Paola will focus on the relationship between embroidery, memory making, and demanding justice, within the context of forced disappearances in Colombia." Register today and watch when this episode airs thisWednesday, August 17, 2022, at 2 PM EDT.

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