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Karen Turner's Intuitive Daily Stitching Project Creates a Year-Long Embroidered Tapestry

Some quilters get their quilting fix by working on a project one step at a time day after day. Karen Turner has taken that concept to the next level with her Intuitive Daily Stitching where she "marks the passage of time through embroidery stitches" and "adds thread marks to fabric to chronicle each day." Don't understand the concept? Click through and find out how Karen stitched on a single tapestry every day for a whole year to create an amazing embroidered work.


From My Modern Met:


"Textile artist Karen Turner marks the passage of time through embroidery stitches. In her Intuitive Daily Stitching project, Turner adds thread marks to fabric to chronicle each day. She fills in pre-drawn circles and squares with various stitches, from a simple running stitch to more complicated French knots. The stitched days sit side by side and culminate in a patchwork of texture and color. This tapestry is an apt metaphor for the relative sameness of everyday life. While each day may look a little different, it’s all part of the same cloth collected through the years.


“As a textile artist, I sew every day anyway,” Turner tells My Modern Met, “but in the beginning I wanted somewhere separate to collect a few stitches every day on a cloth that would serve as a witness to the passage of time.” By taking 15 minutes or half an hour each day to work on this project, she makes a conscious effort to meditate on the present. “It's about recognizing each moment as precious and ephemeral, and this allows for wider reflection on the value of life and on what we choose to do with our time.”"


Click Here, or the images below, to learn more and see many more amazing photos of the tapestry.


(Photos by Karen Turner)








Sandra Crane
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This piece is fabulous! I love to hand stitch and do so just about everyday. Very inspiring.

Joyce Boley
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I love this. I love hand work and I have lots of embroidery thread. I will start this idea next week.It will be fun to do.

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Oh, oh! My "To Try" list just got longer. So inspiring!

Ruth Anglin
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This is so beautiful. What an artistic mind. Truly a work of art!

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