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A Dress Embroidered With Straw

What is the most delicate thing you have worked with? Silk, lace, antique fabric? Well, how about STRAW!?!? That's right, this dress made in 1865 was embroidered with straw and is part of the collection of the Weinmuseum in Italy. Find out how the straw was used to create this stunning ball gown that has lasted for over 150 years!


From Attire's Mind:


"This is a very rare survivor. Made in 1865, the very end of the Great Inflation, this is a ball gown of cream colored silk with a cotton gauze over-skirt and bodice detail. What makes this such a rarity is the material used in the embroidery. Straw. Yes, straw. To do the work, the straw is first soaked to make it as pliable as possible then it is used in just the same way as the pink silk floss that accents the design. Straw has a natural sheen to it so it has a unique golden glow not reproducible with other materials. It is also quite lightweight so it would not compress the sheer gauze base, but allow it to move easily. This must have been very carefully store to preserve the straw so well. - Collection of the Weinmuseum, Italy."


(Photos from Attire's Mind)


A Dress Embroidered With Straw




A Dress Embroidered With Straw - Detail 1




A Dress Embroidered With Straw - Detail 2




A Dress Embroidered With Straw - Detail 3




A Dress Embroidered With Straw - Notes On the Dress




Dianne Holcombe
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This ballgown is so beautifully embroidered that it is mind-blowing to think that someone did it with straw! Not to mention how long it has been preserved! Was this common at the time?

Roberta Zollner
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Check out strohmuseum.ch, a museum in Wohlen, Switzerland, devoted to the straw industry.

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