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    MONTH 3 Blog is Up

    A few days early, better than late. Blog for Month 3 is up today. Pattern will be released by March 1. LIVE will air Friday March 1, noon Central.

    Barbara Black
    Huntsville AL
    "I am a part of all that I have met." A. Lord Tennyson

    Barbara, Your blog is excellent. Love the alternate squares and petal block you drew up. I plan to try paper piecing the
    block pyramid, and follow your directions for attaching the square and the petals. You work so hard to make everyone
    successful. You have no idea how much I appreciate all that work. HelenW

    Click on photos to see entire photo and larger.
    First picture is Barbara Black's alternate block from her blog. Be sure to go there and read
    all the tips and tricks she uses.
    Last edited by Helen W.; 02-25-2024, 11:45 AM.


      So much good information Barbara. Thank you so much for all of the options. Your hard work and patient details are much appreciated by all of us.


        Block 3 was there a few days ago but its not there..


        • Barbara B. commented
          Editing a comment
          It gets open so I can check it for accuracy then closed until the first of each month. Some people stumble across it while it's open, then POOF! it's gone for a few days.

        Thank you for all the work you put into this Barb. Leaning towards trying your hybrid method. Looking forward to your video.


          I too had started to practice for block #3, trying to figure out the steps for smooth sewing. Your blog with Sonia's suggestion for doing continuous curves on each side was FANTASTIC!! the block went together so much easier (by machine) with smooth curves. I also really appreciate the photo of how you ironed your seams-very helpful. thanks!! Today I re-watched Jen's show introducing the quilt and it was a good refresher for some little hints and details. Highly recommend a revisit to get a boost of confidence.


          • Barbara B. commented
            Editing a comment
            Great advice!

          Looking at this block I am terribly afraid this quilt might become a UFO. I am already struggling with the outer rainbows, I have made all the arcs but the appliqueing of the background pieces is not going well at all. I only have two done, and they are not looking good.


            Originally posted by darquilter View Post
            Looking at this block I am terribly afraid this quilt might become a UFO. I am already struggling with the outer rainbows, I have made all the arcs but the appliqueing of the background pieces is not going well at all. I only have two done, and they are not looking good.
            Darlene, I made the background for the fan units one background. Cut that out of template plastic, without a seam allowance.
            Put it on the back of the background fabric, cut the seam allowance as I cut it out. Clip the curve and used dots of glue and
            the iron to fold the fabric over the plastic. It was easy, accurate and then I did a straight top stitch along the edge to attach
            it to the fans. HelenW


            • Darlene P. commented
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              Thank you Helen. It is what I am doing, but mine are coming out very ripply.

            • Helen W. commented
              Editing a comment
              Darlene, Could you post a picture of one of your blocks with close up of front and back?
              When you say ripply are you talking about where the fan is stitched to the background, or
              the edge of the background is not laying flat. Sometimes the tension is too tight when stitching.
              If by hand, they suggest you smooth the stitches as you go. If by machine reduce the top
              tension. If I use clear monopoly thread I have to go from default of 4.6 to 1.8 which is what
              superior thread recommends on their website. Have you been drawing the sew lines on the back
              of the fabrics? When you have curves you can see if the stitches are staying on the line on
              both the pieces you are putting together. HelenW

            • Darlene P. commented
              Editing a comment
              Helen W I would love to show you my rainbow block, but I can't seem to figure out how to post a photo in a comment!
            This reply by darquilter has been deleted by darquilter

            Helen W here is my rainbow block. Perhaps you or Barbara can help me to do better!
            Attached Files

            Here we go, my ripply rainbow!


            • Helen W. commented
              Editing a comment
              Thanks for the ripply rainbow, love that wording... Just looking
              at the front, (would also like to see the back) I don't think it is

              your stitching. Makes me think maybe the pattern that printed
              out for your templates might not have been exactly the correct
              size. Now if you are using the kit templates in orange, that
              would not be a problem unless when you put the 2 N templates
              together you did not line up the center area sew line on sew
              line. If that was the case you would have an extra 1/4 inch
              you were easing in. Can I see a picture of the back? The stitching looks great. I am thinking cut out pieces are a little off.

              Do a double check on the actual pattern size of pieces and
              of the template you made to make it one piece.
              Last edited by Helen W.; 03-02-2024, 08:09 AM.

            Darlene, Just playing around with a couple photos. The first photo is the overlap
            sew line to sew line. If you look at the ruler it is 8 1/2 inches, but both you and I
            made the background larger because curves often can use up a little more of
            the seam allowance leaving the piece a bit small.

            Photo two is a screen shot of your fan block. Not concerning about if I got
            the size exact, but look at the curve sew line. it should follow the shape of
            your block, it it looks like your fan goes off a little wide at the bottoms.
            So I measured the sew line using a tape on its edge and it should be 12 1/4
            inches. So that means the fan sew line should also be 12 1/4 inches.
            Are you drawing lines on the back of the fabric? If you have a block where you
            have not added the fan, measure the line. That should tell you if your cutting
            out pattern template is correct. If you have a fan assembled, measure the line. It should be the
            same as the sew line for the background. HelenW



            • Darlene P. commented
              Editing a comment
              Helen I need you to be my new best friend. Thank for taking the time to help me with my curved piecing problem. Looking closer I can see that you have made a freezer paper template for the background, whereas I followed Barbara's 28 minute video where she hand sewed the background on. I can't seem to upload a photo of the back, it keeps saying unable to upload. It looks pretty bad. Trying it with the freezer template as you have done gave me a very nice-looking block. I don't know why I didn't do that to start, that's the way I did my last set of 20 blocks and they look good. I consider myself to be an advanced quilter, but I have never made a quilt with this much curved hand piecing before.

            • Helen W. commented
              Editing a comment
              Darlene, I have benefited from Judith taking the time to explain her template plastic with glue
              dots for folded edge applique. It has been a life saver for me. There are so many different ways
              to get a block that one enjoys taking the time to make. The hardest part is trying to figure out

              how to get the pictures and explanations onto the forum format. So glad you are happy with your
              fan blocks. I used Karen K Buckley template plastic, not freezer paper, but it is good to know that works too. HelenW

            Darlene, Here is how it do it.
            Photo 1 Purple line is the sew line. Template does not include the seam allowance.
            Cut the seam allowance beyond the sew line.
            Photo 2 Clip the seam allowance. Put dots of glue on the seam and press over the template.
            The fold is the sew line for placement on top of the fan unit.
            Photo 3 Shows that the fold line of background and sew line of fan are the same length and align
            on top of each other.
            Photo 4 Show that I stay stitched in the seam allowance just off the sew line so that I could see the sew line
            on the front of the fan.
            Photo 5 I put glue dots in the seam allowance of fan and then place the background onto the fan. Align centers and
            just cover the stitch line.
            Photo 6 The forum note came up that I can only attach 5 photos, so #6 was top stitching the background to the fan.


              Helen, I just made one like that and it's perfect! Also, I took my ripply block, ripped out my hand stitches, sewed a quarter inch seam on my machine, pressed the fan downward, and now I think it looks acceptable. I still haven't finished a month three block though.


              • Helen W. commented
                Editing a comment
                Way to go Darlene!!! So if that is 2, you only have 30 more to go!!! Happy Stitching with a smile
                curve on your face as you sew all those fan curves. HelenW

              My newest rainbow block looks pretty good. Thanks for all your help, Helen. I have decided to devote this month to the rainbow blocks and save the petal blocks for later in the year.


                Darlene, Your rainbow looks great. Love the dot fabric. It gives great contrast so all your hard work shows
                clearly. I like your idea of get your rainbows done while you are on a roll. When you get to Month 3 petal block
                if all the pieced curves drives you crazy, I came up with a way using 2 circles. I started one block piecing the
                shapes and decided really early on that that was not what I call fun. So I came up with an easier less stressful
                way, and then after that I redesigned the flower looking block with shapes from Daisy Do pattern of Jen Kingwell.
                The picture below are the shapes I used for a circle block. It is all applique turned edge using template plastic
                and glue dots. The other picture is with Pick a petal Daisy do too block. HelenW


                • Darlene P. commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I agree Helen that hand piecing this block is not my idea of fun either. I actually considered appliqueing large pieces to a background block, but since I bought the kit, I wouldn't have enough fabric for all those large pieces. I'm currently in Florida at my winter home and my 25-year fabric stash is back in Maine, so I am limited. I think I am going to go with Barbara's mitered square background instead. I can supplement with a few more quarter yards if I run short.

                  I adore your flower block!

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