At Houston 2016, they featured the work of the late Laverne Mathews. Laverne's quilt, Reminiscence, is a Traditional quilt with an art teacher's touch. This former art teacher brought her sense and abilities to her love of Traditional quilts and made you look at the color choices, the piecing, the borders and edges, and the hand quilting. This quilt was one of our favorites created by Laverne.



This was Alex's entry for the TQS Challenge show. Alex's quilt was created based on the musical "Wicked." She was drawn to the wonderful friendship between the two main characters.

Learn more about Alex's quilt and how she put it together in Show 2106: TQS Challenge with Meg Cox, Alex Anderson, and Ricky Tims.

WickedChallengeQuiltbyAlexAnderson - 35 Pieces Non-Rotating

WickedChallengeQuiltbyAlexAnderson - 99 Pieces Non-Rotating

WickedChallengeQuiltbyAlexAnderson - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

WickedChallengeQuiltbyAlexAnderson - 35 Pieces Rotating

WickedChallengeQuiltbyAlexAnderson - 99 Pieces Rotating

WickedChallengeQuiltbyAlexAnderson - 300 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


This was Alex's entry for the TQS Challenge show. Alex's quilt was created based on the musical "Wicked." She was drawn to the wonderful friendship between the two main characters.

Learn more about Alex's quilt and how she put it together in Show 2106: TQS Challenge with Meg Cox, Alex Anderson, and Ricky Tims.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis




TQS Members are loving Show 2106: TQS Challenge with Meg Cox, Alex Anderson, and Ricky Tims. Here's are just a few of the comments Meg's show has received.

"I didn't think I'd like this show, because I'm not a big fan of Broadway...but, I had some hand sewing to do so I went with it....I'm so grateful to you all! It opened my heart and reconnected something in me that I hadn't realized had gone quiet....of course, there Kleenex all over the place now and I'm humming tunes from old B'way shows. This is one of the best episodes EVER!! Many thanks."  - Leighway
"Thank you for such a moving and inspiring show. This show really reached the essence of great quilting." - Judith123
"This was a great show. What an inspiration Meg Cox is." - lbarnes


Meg herself writes about the show in the latest edition of her newsletter, Quilt Journalist Tells All!

"There are a couple of things that are unusual about my episode: first, it's a TQS Challenge episode meaning that Alex and Ricky challenged me (and themselves) to make a quilt on a specific theme. This isn't the first challenge episode but the first where the theme is Broadway musicals. It's no secret that Ricky is an ardent fan of "Hamilton," so it's no surprise that he would pick that show. But you'll have to watch what musicals Alex and I chose. Each of us demonstrate key techniques in our quilts and I learned some really valuable tips from what they both did. 

The really unusual part about my episode is how deeply personal and emotional it ended up being: our shared topic was making meaning and they got me talking frankly about the death of my husband. I've been touched to see that multiple subscribers of the show have posted comments saying this is one of the best episodes ever, and some were moved to tears.
One quick viewing tip: you can watch the entire hour-long episode at one go, or you can click on the various "chapters" listed. The emotional part is the "after set" conversation at the end."
Click here to read Meg's newsletter.


Join us as multi-prize winner and youngest ever recipient of the Master Quilt Award, Bethanne Nemesh, shares her stunning artistry. Known for her inventive use of details, she shares a beaded piping finishing technique that adds that ‘wow’ element and a method for creating machine quilted feathers that requires no backtracking.

Also in this show, the TQS camera crew visits the home and studio of Maryland artist Lesley Riley, who shares a fabric collage technique for creating your own story in fabric. This tip filled show is not to be missed.

Star Members can watch Show 2107: Extraordinary Binding Techniques & Amazing Fabric Collage when it debuts on Sunday, September 24, 2017.

Do you know what famous clothing designer brand sourced handmade, vintage quilts from all over the country, through auctions, private collections, and antique shows like Brimfield, to use in creating his collection for Fall 2017 Fashion Week in NYC?
The designer is Calvin Klein. Read the article by
How do you feel about how Calvin Klein used the quilts?
(image: GQ.com)


Bubble Wrap, 83" x 83", by Stephanie Zacharer Ruyle and quilted by Christine Perrigo is a striking quilt on many levels. The design and the quilting come together and create a mix that makes your eyes wander back and forth. (Judge's Award, Katie Pasquini Masopust - AQS Paducah Spring 2017)

(Design Source: Based on a quilt originally made for QNNtv show "Quilt Remix: Vintage Pattern, Modern Twist." Inspired by Cow Paths by Maria Tavy Unhey in Easy Quilts Winter 2016, Fons & Porter.)


Only 18 left to reach our goal! No Wait ~ only 2 left to reach our goal!
So which is it? 18 or 2? To reach our goal of 300 IMQE partners we only need 18 more partners! To reach our goal of all 50 of the United States participating--we need quilters from Hawaii and West Virginia. We have 8 US quilters waiting for international partners. Won't you join us?
Internationally, the United Kingdom now leads with 55 quilters, followed closely by Germany with 54 quilters. In the United Sates, California leads with 30 quilters and Texas is close behind with 28. Illinois is the next closest state with 15 quilters participating in IMQE.
So WHY join the International Miniature Quilt Exchange? Jean Amaduri, founder of the IMQE for Thimble and Thread in St. Louis, Missouri in 2000, offers us her insights:
  • Friendships are formed as we now leverage email and the internet.
  • We have had US and International Quilters make vacation plans so they can meet in person.
  • Thanks to the many translate programs available online – we are not limited by language.
  • An opportunity to try something new in the world of quilting, learn new techniques or how challenges are overcome from our International quilters.
  • Experience a cultural exchange – find out about the respective family, heritage and country.
"When you get an exchange quilt ... there is an emotional tug--one that shows a sisterhoor/brotherhood of quilters around the world."
Let’s break records with this exchange!
Quilters have until March 2018 to complete their miniature quilts.
1 International Quilter + 1 United States Quilter + A Passion for Quilting
= A Priceless Experience
You can check out the IMQE Guidelines here.



Remember when Crayola announced they would no longer be making "Dandelion" yellow? Well, there's a new color in town. Meet "Bluetiful," aka Bea!

Click here to learn more.

Nickname: Bea

About Me: I may be shy at first, but I love to share BIG ideas with new people especially ideas for new inventions or creative projects.

Favorite Hobbies: Coding apps or video games and relaxing with DIY projects

What I Believe In: I'm a big advocate for arts-infused STEAM education, especially for inspired girls like me!

Where you can find me: Coming soon to a retailer near you!








There are last minute openings for Ricky's La Veta Quilt Retreat for November 13-18, 2017. This is a great opportunity to attend an Independent Study retreat.

Come Quilt In Paradise!

This workshop is an Independent Study retreat. An independent study retreat is not a "do-your-own-thing" retreat. It is a “let’s-make-your-vision-a-reality” retreat! Connecting with your creative psyche, the workshop emphasizes design, composition, and originality. Planning, drafting, and originality are encouraged. Creating improvisationally is encouraged too. It is a week of learning and designing. 
You will explore your own original ideas while benefiting from Ricky's guidance. Alternatively, you may pursue one of Ricky's methods or techniques to help advance your quilting skills. There is a strong emphasis on creativity and the morning talks, round-table discussions, and journaling time is a vital part of the week's agenda.
Retreat Tuition is $950 and includes five days of study, five lunches, and six dinners.
Drive and shop hop along the way, or make a convenient flight into Colorado Springs which is a short hour and forty-five minutes away.

Click here for full retreat details.

Click here and email Justin Shults if you would like a last minute spot!





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