Quilt Embellishment

Quilt Embellishment is a variety of techniques used to describe decorative additions to the surface of a quilt and sometimes included on the edge, like Prairie Points, flanges and trims. Embellishments include three-dimensional items like beads, buttons, heavy threads, crystals, decorative stitching, like embroidery, ribbons and fabric manipulations. A Quilt Embellishment is most often used on decorative quilts, like Art Quilts and Crazy Quilts.

Benefits of a Quilt Embellishment

  • Quilt Embellishment greatly increases the maker's opportunity to add color, design and texture to their work.
  • A Quilt Embellishment is usually added on top of the completed quilt top, most often after the quilting is complete.
  • Quilt Embellishments can be added by hand or machine.
  • Quilt Embellishment techniques are limited only by the maker's imagination and adds a personal touch to the work.

Supplies and Tools for a Quilt Embellishment

Quilt Embellishments include a wide variety of items to add interest and dimension to the surface of the quilt.  The tools needed will depend on the embellishment choosen.

  • Beads, buttons, ribbons, trims, heavy decorative thread, crystals and machine and hand embroidery techniques are all types of embellishment.
  • Thread Painting and Bobbin Work are forms of Quilt Embellishments done by machine.
  • Found items can be used as a Quilt Embellishments, like adding seashells to a beach scene quilt.
  • Quilt Embellishments also include fabric manipulations like Prairie Points, Trapunto, Ruching, Flanges, Yo-yos, and Piping.
What I Wished I Knew When I Started using Quilt Embellishment

A QUILT EMBELLISHMENT can add a special, unique touch to a quilt.

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