Trapunto is a method of quilting also known as stuffed work. Historically a design was stitched into a quilt and from the back of the quilt, stuffing was pushed into the stitched areas to raise them up. Tight stitching done around the stuffed area would also raise the design up above the rest of the top. Contemporary methods of trapunto have been developed that no longer involve stuffing a design from the quilt back and instead using an extra layer of batting basted under the design area before the quilt top is layered. Trapunto is a beautiful technique that can be used in traditional or modern quilts.

Benefits of Trapunto

  • Trapunto techniques highlight quilted designs.
  • Trapunto can be done by hand or machine.

Tools and Supplies for Trapunto

You'll need the following for Trapunto:

  • Quilt top ready for quilting designs
  • Marking tools
  • Batting
What I Wish I Knew When I Started using Trapunto

Layering a color fabric beneath specific quilting designs on a solid white quilt top along with your additional batting is a beautiful modern quilting technique that highlights your TRAPUNTO with color.

Trapunto Resources

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