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Ultimate Marking Pencil - White

Ultimate Marking Pencil - White Mark dark fabrics with no smudging and remove with water or a hot iron.. Product #: HANC-NOTI-ULMP based on 0 reviews Regular price: $5.99 $5.99 9

Ultimate Marking Pencil by Hancy

Price: $5.99

Stock Status: In Stock
Tags: marking , trapunto
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The Ultimate Marking Pencil is a wonderful marker for dark fabrics! It stays on - doesn't even smudge - and washes off or even better, your iron will erase it!

It's a solid form of Ultimate Pounce Powder, formed into that solid by wax which does not leave any residue behind when removed. The whole pencil is a marker, it won't dry out, you don't get a refill for it you just use it and sharpen it when needed until you use it up.

6 inches long, 3/8 inches in diameter. Sharpen with a crayon or eye pencil sharpener.

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