Fabric Painting

Fabric painting is a technique used by art quilters to create or enhance their quilt designs. Fabric can be wet or dry when painted each will yield different results. The type of paints also vary from opaque to translucent as well as shimmers. Techniques and tools can vary from very simple to incredibly complex.

Benefits of Fabric Painting

Fabric Painting can intensify or accent existing fabric colors. Painting on fabric can give specific results to meet the artists needs, such as highlights and shadows.

Tools and Supplies for Fabric Painting

  • Fabric Painting on fabric that is "white" with a tight even weave or fabric to be enhanced with paint.
  • Inks and/or Paints to get the desired affect.
  • Tools based on the paint and painting technique to be used.
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Fabric Painting

You don't need to be an artist to enjoy FABRIC PAINTING. You can use paints to stencil or create painted fabric to applique or print on.

Fabric Painting Resources