Bobbin Work

Bobbin Work is a technique which uses heavy weight threads in the bobbin for machine stitching and embroidery. The threads and ribbons used will not go through the eye of the needle or get the appropriate tension so they are wound onto the bobbin. The stitching is done from the wrong side of the fabric and the decorative thread is stitched onto the right side. Bobbin work can be done on both a domestic sewing machine and a long arm machine. There are also programs available for digitized bobbin embroidery. Bobbin work can be done with a regular stitch or free motion.

Benefits of Bobbin Work

  • There are beautiful decorative threads can be used for Bobbin Work.
  • Machine embroidery can be done with Bobbin Work.
  • Machine quilting can be done with Bobbin Work.

Tools and Supplies for Bobbin Work

You will need the following to accomplish Bobbin Work:

  • Decorative Threads
  • Digitized Designs
  • Basic Sewing Supplies
  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing machine manual
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Bobbin Work

Bobbin Work can be used to stitch with the basic sewing machine stitches for great results.  Patience is necessary when adjusting your bobbin and sewing machine tension.  Mark the tension on your bobbin so you know what to adjust it back to for regular sewing and don't be afraid to do so.  If you do a lot of bobbin work, you may want to get a different bobbin case to use for specialty threads so no tension adjustments are needed.

Bobbin Work Resources