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How to Embellish a Quilt with Tom Russell | How to Make Ruffles

(Show 1101) Tom Russell shares his style and approach to embellishments. Whether he uses sequins, seed beads, buttons, bugle beads or paillettes you will find them in his quilts and clearly incorporated into the design. How to add beading to your quilts -  Tom explains to Alex the main rule about beading "don't pour out more beads than you are willing to pick up!" He shares using a velour mat to keep the beads in place and a little triangle tray to pick them up.  We see samples of the types of beads he uses in his quilts. A critical element for beading is the thread and he uses hand quilting thread for strength. The needle he prefers are Milliners needles that are long and stronger than beading needles.  Thread Heaven will also help to condition the tread so it moves more easily through your surface. Tom then shares his beading tips and tricks that you won't want to miss - the tips are even great for any handwork! 

Then, a new take on buttons for your embellishments.  Ricky and Tom explore the world of buttons, the basic tools and Tom's choices for sewing buttons - embroidery floss or perle cotton or decorative yarn with a variety of embroidery needles. The buttons are incorporated into the quilt design and Tom demonstrates his approach to "sewing on a button" and all the variations you can explore to incorporate more design.

And  Alex demonstrates how to prepare your fabric and then use the Ruffle presser foot to make ruffles.  A fun and simple technique to use for embellishing.

Beading, Buttons, Embellish Tips & Tricks, Thread, Sewing Machine, Art Quilts, Pictorial Quilts
Series 1100

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I am a member of The Quilt Show, but this website is not letting me watch video 1101. Please fix this problem. my email is [email protected]. I must say that I have had many issues with your new website.

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