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How to Make a Tessellating Quilt with Louisa Smith | Learn Basting Techniques with Ricky Tims

(Show 1705) Louisa Smith loves creating designs, and especially tessellations. She is fascinated by the work of M.C. Escher, and she demonstrates how to make one of her patterns, the Curved Diamond Footwarmer, also called the “Tootsie Toaster,” which is derived from a tessellating curved hexagon. Her foot warmer pattern is being made available as a free gift to TQS members. Louisa also loves Dupioni silk, and currently works mostly with the lustrous fabrics. Louisa, who was a guest on TQS previously (Show 204), shares a fun new technique she calls “Double Vision,” which came to her while doodling during a car trip. Louisa uses the “Hugs and Kisses” pattern elements (circles and diamonds) to illustrate her new technique. She discusses both fused and pieced options. Also during the show, Ricky shares some ideas for quilt basting.

Curved Diamonds Footwarmer-LouisaSmith

Blocks Featured: Hugs and Kisses, Diamonds, Circles

Fusible Appliqué, Machine Appliqué, Embellish Tips & Tricks, Piecing, Contemporary Quilts
Series 1700

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