Who is Jen Kingwell?

Jen Kingwell is an accomplished quilter who has made a significant impact on the Modern Quilting scene.

Born and raised in rural Australia, Jen draws inspiriation from her travel adventures and the natural beauty of her surroundings at home in Torquay, Australia. Her quilts are known for their intricate patterns, bold colours, and playful designs. Jen's style is unique and recognizable, featuring a fusion of traditional and modern elements that reflect her love of the craft. Hand stitching is her passion and sharing the knowledge and techniques of this age old, mindful craft brings her great joy. She has published several popular books and patterns to help quilters of all levels improve their skills.

Jen's talent and dedication have earned her numerous accolades, including winning the prestigious 2023 Raja Award. Her work has been featured in leading quilting publications and exhibited in shows around the world.

Her quilts are treasured by collectors and enthusiasts alike, and her passion for quilting has helped to bring this timeless art form to a new generation of makers.

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