Who is Barbara Black?

I've been sewing since I was a child but the Quilting Bug bit in 1985 and there's been no looking back.

My current "claim to fame" is my quilt Red and White--By the Numbers, selected as the commemorative quilt for the 40th Anniversary of the International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX. All the 2014 advertising, the catalogs, the show pins and beautiful tote bags, featured this quilt. I am proud to say it is now in the Quilts, Inc. Corporate Collection, where it will be cared for and occasionally on exhibit for lots of people to enjoy. Read more about that experience here.

Most important to me is my passion for teaching others to quilt. I teach any where, any time, from beginners to advanced students. My classes are full of information and fun. My goal is to inspire others to make "gifts for generations yet unborn". If you want a blanket, go to the store--we are making family treasures.

For almost 20 years I have been involved on the Education Team for Quilts Inc. Festivals, including Houston, Chicago, Portland, and Spring and Fall Markets. In my capacity as Faculty Check-In Friendly Face and go-to person for Faculty questions, I have gotten to know many of the world's top quilt teachers. I learn a lot about being a great teacher from being around great teachers.

While I love to do hand applique', I am most known for Medallion-style quilts with many pieces and lots of precision. If it looks hard, I can make it seem easier. I make simple, fast quilts sometimes, but am most often working on projects that take time.

My motto is: "I want the fastest method that gives me the result I want". To that end, I am always working on tips and tricks to do things faster and better. And I am happy to share!

I also love to present lectures, PowerPoint presentations and Trunk shows to groups near and far. My talks are witty most of the time, and informative and educational all of the time.

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