Apliquick is a company based in Girona, Spain which makes patchwork tools, primarily for Applique.  Sometimes, Apliquick is misspelled as Appliquick...

Benefits of Apliquick

  • Apliquick tools were created and ergonomically designed to improve the results of needleturn applique.  
  • Variety of products designed specifically for quilters for ease of use and getting the best results.
  • The scissors, with micro-serrated blades, are in a variety of sizes for different uses.

Tools and Supplies for Apliquick

  • Apliquick Applique Rods
  • Apliquick Applique Scissors
  • Apliquick Applique Pencils
  • Apliquick Aplique Tweezers
  • Apliquick Fusible Hexagons
What I Wished I Knew When I Started using Apliquick

It only takes about 5 to 10 minutes of practice learn how to use the APLIQUICK Applique Rods. The Apliquick Applique scissors are really helpful for arthiritic and weak hands as well. If I would have used Apliquick tools sooner, I would have saved so much more time as they make me more efficient with my applique.

Apliquick Resources