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Apliquick Large 3-Hole Scissors

Apliquick Apliquick Large 3-Hole Scissors Unique 6" ergonomic scissors with a micro-serrated edge.. Product #: Apliquick-LS based on 0 reviews Regular price: $58.00 $58.00 40

Apliquick Large 3-Hole Microserrated Applique Scissors

Price: $58.00

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Apliquick 3 hole Microserrated Scissors are 6.5 inch ergonomic applique scissors that are designed for cutting gentle curves and straight lines.

Appliquick 3 Hole Scissors have been specially designed to prevent strain on fingers and joints, keeping all five fingers in a natural position as you cut. The micro-serrated edge grips the fabric, holds it in place, and cuts without fraying. Made of surgical steel for extra durability.

Featured on show #1912 with Rosa Rojas



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