Wool Quilts

Wool Quilts are made primarily from wool, either scraps from garment sewing, or wool bought specifically for the quilt. In the past, Wool Quilts most often used pieces of wool from men's clothing, most in dark colors like gray, brown and blue. Decorative hand stitches where used to join the pieces, very much like Crazy Quilts of the late 1800's.

Today, Wool Quilts can be made with patchwork patters or more elaborate, embellished designs.  A nice warm quilt can be made using wool instead of cotton fabric.  Many decorative wall hangings use small pieces of colorful wool for circles or to create motifs of botantical shapes, like flowers, leaves and vines, sometimes stitched to a wool base, sometimes to a cotton base. Decorative stitches, either by hand or machine, are used to attach the wool pieces to the base.

Benefits of Wool Quilts

  • Wool Quilts are a way to use pieces of colorful wool, repurposed wool garments or remnants.
  • Traditional Patchwork Quilts can be made with wool fabric instead of cotton.
  • Embellished Wool Quilts most often include handwork, making them portable for sewing away from home.
  • Raw Edge Applique techniques are used with wool.

Supplies and Tools of Wool Quilts

  • Wool in a wide variety of colors
  • Traditional Patchwork patterns or Patterns for the designs if making ornamental motifs, like birds, flowers and leaves
  • Directions for Embroidery Stitches as needed
  • Basic Sewing supplies 
  • Fabric Die Cutting machines are being used to cut many identical shapes quickly, very helpful for Wool Quilts with a lot of the same shapes in the design
What I Wished I Knew When I Started making Wool Quilts

WOOL QUILTS are beautiful and relaxing to create by hand. The maker will want an ever increasing supply of wool in various colors and a variety of embroidery threads.

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