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How to Use Wool and Silk in a Quilt with Sonya Lee Barrington

(Show 1012) It's a whole new world as fiber artist Sonya Lee Barrington shares the pleasures of using wool and silk as alternatives to cotton in your quilts and other sewing projects. After whetting your appetite with a number of her fabulous quilts, Sonya "gets down to business," explaining the unique properties of these two versatile fibers, offering a slew of tips for working with them, and showing a variety of inventive project possibilities. You'll love her clever purse made from the pocket of a man’s wool jacket! Want more? Ricky demonstrates an easy "four-patch-within-a-square" block. 

Primitive Patchwork Pattern - Ricky Tims

Gift Ideas: Wool Pocket Purse, Silk purse
Block Featured: Primitive

Wool Quilts, Hand Appliqué, Embellishments, Improvisational Piecing, Fabric Preparation, Silk, Unusual Materials, Contemporary Quilts
Series 1000

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