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Trailer 3305: Learn How to Use Color, Contrast, and Cohesion When Making Scrappy Quilts with Diane Harris

Debuting August 27, 2023: On the next Quilt Show, all the way from the great grassy plains of Nebraska, we've got The Stash Bandit and she's got lessons on how to stick up your stash and make great scrappy quilts. Pew! Pew! Diane Harris says she wants clash and tension in her quilts and shows you the gift of contrast.


Or, one of the other tricks up her scrappy sleeves is using a theme color or repetition. Then, watch The Stash Bandit start obsessing on one simple block, which she says can be turned into a zillion things. We are having fun, on the run, with Stash Bandit Diane Harris. Lasso yourself a seat on the next Quilt Show!



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