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Trailer 3301: Learn How to Make Cityscapes, Creating with Parchment Paper, and Where to Find Inspiration with Geri Patterson-Kutras

Debuting July 2, 2023: On the next Quilt Show, Geri Patterson-Kutras is a quilter whose quilts tell a story, and they draw you in and make you linger. Geri will teach you how to find inspiration all around you and harvest moments that speak volumes. Plus, watch how Geri creates improvisational cityscapes as a palette cleanser between quilt projects. They're wonderful and whimsical and so easy to make.


Then, Geri says parchment paper isn't just for the kitchen. See how she uses it to move elements around in a composition for flexibility.


This show is loaded with great ideas to launch you in the direction of your very own story quilt. The end, or, is it just the beginning? Join us on the next Quilt Show and find out.



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