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Trailer 3207: Learn Pigment Patchwork and Stitching for Dimension with Rhonda Denney

Debuting March 26, 2023: On the next Quilt Show, our guest creates portrait quilts with a remarkable amount of animal magnetism and realism. Meet Rhonda Denney and learn all about her passion for what she calls pigment patchwork. Whether using watercolor pencils, or more surprising forms of pigment-enhancing tools, Rhonda shows you how to capture and enhance the spirit of your subject.


Plus, how to emphasize shapes and designs by stitching for dimension. Her work is jaw-dropping and so alive you'll want to reach out and touch it. Or better yet, use these tools in your next quilt.


Join us for embellishing tips that are grrrr-eat on the next Quilt Show.



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