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Tulle is a sheer and often stiffened material that looks like netting, on a very small scale. Tulle can be made with silk, rayon, cotton with the most prevalent being polyester. Most commonly used in veils, gowns, underskirts and ballet tutus.

Benefits of Tulle

  • For quilters, Tulle is used to hold tiny pieces in place when doing the machine stitching for Confetti Quilts.
  • Tulle can be used in quilts for a shadow or highlight effect.
  • Tulle can be used as an accent in applique.

Tools and Supplies for Tulle

  • You'll just need Basic Sewing Supplies to use Tulle in your Quilts.
What I Wish I Knew When I Started using Tulle

TULLE adds depth and sparkle when layered over little snippits of fabric before stitching. Tulle comes in many colors to choose from to compliment your quilt.

Tulle Resources