Cutwork Cutwork


Cutwork is an embroidery technique where small portions of the fabric are cut out and the raw edges are completely covered with stitches. The cutwork is most often done on linens with the designs on the edge or as part of the embroidery on the linen. The cutworked area is either backed or left open depending on the effect desired. Cutwork historically was done by hand but contemporary cutwork is done by embroidery machines.

Benefits of Cutwork

  • Cutwork makes a romantic edge for linens.
  • Cutwork can be sophisticated or trend toward Boho when used on garments.
  • Cutwork adds dimension and sophistocation to any design.

Tools and Supplies for Cutwork

You'll need the following to begin your Cutwork:

  • Basic Sewing Supplies
  • Sewing machine with Embroidery module
  • Thread
  • Pattern - Embroidery or Machine Embroidery
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Cutwork

There are many digital machine embroidery patterns for CUTWORK.

Cutwork Resources