Flying Geese

Flying Geese refer to a patchwork shape often used in quilt blocks and borders. Flying Geese include one large triangle, the "goose", and two smaller triangles sewn on either side of the "goose" called the "wings" or the "sky". Most often, Flying Geese are sewn into a series, creating the look of geese flying across the sky. These are often used as borders in pieced quilts. Flying Geese make star points for quilt blocks, when they stand alone.

Benefits of Flying Geese

This recognizeable shape is seen in many quilt block patterns. When they stand alone, Flying Geese make star points in a star block. When sewn in rows of three or four, they make an X shape in a block. When sewn in long rows they create borders. Most often made in a ratio of 2: 1, Flying Geese can be made in any size desired, from 4" x 2" or 3" x 1.5" or 8" x 4" or larger. 

Supplies and Tools for Flying Geese

There are instructions available for several ways to make Flying Geese. Some use special rulers designed just for that size and shape. Some provide instructions on how to make four Flying Geese at a time. There are also paper foundations available that allow you to make a whole row of preassembled Flying Geese units. The "goose" is cut from a Quarter Square Triangle and the "Wings" or "Sky" are cut from Half Square Triangles. This makes the straight of grain fall on the outside edges not the bias.  Quilters find the method they prefer.

What I Wish I Knew When I Started making Flying Geese

Understanding the basic math for FLYING GEESE is something every quilter will benefit from. It is a shape that is used very frequently in quilt blocks and patterns, especially traditional blocks.

Flying Geese Resources