The Quilter On Fire Podcast with Guest Amy Milne

From The Quilter on Fire, "My guest today is Amy Milne. She is the Executive Director of the Quilt Alliance. This organization cares so much about quilts. I don't even know where to start. They have documented tens of thousands of quilts, recorded 1500 stories, and made millions of quilters happy by saving and sharing this information. So let's explore the story of the Quilt Alliance with Amy Milne."


Listen to Episode 147 of the Quilter on Fire podcast hosted by Brandy Maslowski and featuring this week's guest, Executive Director of the Quilt Alliance, Amy Milne. Once you arrive on the page, scroll down and just click where it says QOF Episode 147 - Amy Milne of the Quilt Alliance, and the podcast should begin playing immediately.


Click Here, or the image below, to listen to The Quilter On Fire Podcast featuring Amy Milne.




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