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"Sew & So..." Podcast with Michael C. Thorpe

BERNINA USA recently shared this wonderful podcast on college basketball player turned quilter Michael C. Thorpe. Discover how everything, including quilting, impacts him to allow him to see the unlimited possibilities that life has to offer.


"In episode 8 of Sew & So..., former college basketball player, Michael C. Thorpe shares that, for him, quilting isn't about following a prescribed pattern, but rather about envisioning unlimited possibilities—the same possibilities he sees in life. Everything in Michael's life has impacted him in some way and he takes that into every part of his quilting."


Click Here, or the photo below, to listen to go and listen to the Podcast.


Click Here to visit Michael's website and see more of his work.


Quilt Photo: Family by Michael C. Thorpe (2021) [Fabric, Quilting Cotton and Thread, 57.5" x 84"]


family michael c thorpe


, our resident TQS Wizard, was recently featured on Roxane Cerda's, of C&T Publishing, Behind The
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