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Improvisational Quilting with Sherri Lynn Wood | Boho Art with Ann Myhre

(Show 2507) Improv Quilter extraordinaire, Sherri Lynn Wood, embraces the idea of working with what you have. With a Masters in Theology and Fine Art, she brings a voice to her quilts and considers her quilts to be sculptures. Using the traditional Hole in the Barn Door quilt block, Sherri Lynn and Alex cut and build a variation to explore pattern as they build a "new" block. Sherri Lynn discussing the process of making bereavement quilts, using garments owned and worn by a lost loved one, and how these quilts become a tangible item that gives you emotional comfort. Ann Myhre finishes up by offering a look at her collections of intended work and how she likes to store them, via vintage tea cups, baskets, small containers, and other various objects. Ann then presents a collaged work featuring a fox that includes a multitude of techniques.

Block Featured: Hole in the Barn Door

Improvisational Piecing, Collage, Embellish Tips & Tricks, Curves, Piecing, Interfacing/Peltex, Home Decor
Series 2500

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