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How to Make a Collage Portrait Quilt with Lola Jenkins | Quilt Finishing Techniques

(Show 1809) Lola Jenkins shares her new interest in collage portrait quilts. She starts with a photo, looking for intriguing facial expressions and gestures. She demos how to use photo editing software, choosing the right fabric (including some unusual color choices) and quilting without prior planning. She talks about finding the best way to manipulate a large quilt under a domestic sewing machine. Lola has also devised some cunning finishing techniques that don't require a lot of stitching. Check out her ideas for binding with ribbons, buttons and canvas backing.  Ricky opens the show with a very clever method of adding piping to a seam, which works on both straight seams and curves! Piping looks great and adds interest and a tiny shot of color to a project.

Portrait Quilts, Embellishments, Thread Painting, Templates, Binding, Finishing, Fabric Selection
Series 1800

susan hilsenbeck
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PS -- Although the piping is smaller gauge, this is very reminiscent of Susan Cleveland's 'piping hot curves' method?

susan hilsenbeck
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I watched the mini-piping segment and I do not understand -- when does the blue quarter circle get stitched down? The piping gets stitched to the block but the blue quarter circle is just glued on.

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