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How to Make Amish Inspired Quilts with Ann Shaw | Quilt Road Trip Stories

(Show 2213) Ann Shaw loves taking a line to see how it can affect a quilt design in abstract and modern quilts. Using traditional Amish quilt designs as inspiration; Ann pares down the piecing lines using her new gesture process. To shake things up even more, Ann pares down the Courthouse Steps block to its most minimal, or remixed version.  She pays attention to the seamlines as well as the blocks and how whe will do the quilting. Then the effervescent quilt blogger Anna Bates, makes a stop on her road trip to join us in the studio. Anna regales us with stories of quilt shops, meeting quilters on her journeys, and clever tips for doing handwork and embroidery while riding along in an RV.

Updated Classic, Hand Appliqué, Color Wheel, Hand Embroidery, Quilt Pattern, Wool
Series 2200

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