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Who is Wendy Williams?

Wendy Williams prolifically creates textile wonders that deftly capture the details of the world around us. From the garden to the seaside, farmland to any city, we recognise instantly what we love about our world...towering trees, endearing animals, gorgeous flowers...birds, homes, farms and more are all captured in stitched wonders. Her travels around the world teaching embroidery, piecing and applique afford her a path to gathering of a universal life. When translated into a quilt, these images speak to the heart of humanity. We are instantly drawn into her world, which is in fact, our world.

Wendy is that rare creative type that is as skilled as she is imaginative. Her stitching and sewing skills bring any idea to life. Her relaxed manner and generous teaching style allow for makers of any skill level to achieve beautiful results. Her extensive background in patchwork and textile design started in the fashion industry where Wendy worked as a pattern maker/grader then as a full-time teacher in fashion. Wendy started her pattern business, Flying Fish Kits, in 2007 by selling patterns and kits online. Her colourful work is demonstrated quilts, housewares, clothing and bags. In 2008, Wendy joined forces with Material Obsession, her local patchwork shop in Sydney, Australia, where she teaches 10 monthly classes and is an invaluable member of the creative team. A mother of two young men, a dog and happily married to a great cook, Wendy has a life full of accomplishments.

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