Who is Terrie Sandelin?

Like many quilters, I have alway loved little quilts. I remember having doll quilts as a child, and now as an adult, whenever I see a miniature quilt, I am taken back to those memories. So, of course, when I got into quilting, I wanted to make minis of my own. I just didn't know what I was in for. Who knew piecing little quilts would be so difficult? That little patches fought back? Or that points would be so hard to match? Let's say it was an education!

Still, I stumbled on, even though I was rarely as happy with the results as I would have liked. And not making as many little quilts as I would have liked either. Much as I liked to look at miniature quilts, I found them a little too disappointing and a little too annoying to make frequently. perfect piecing of 6-inch blocks all on a single foundation -- no more matching of separate units. When it occurred to me that I could apply her Fold and Sew technique to miniature quilts, I was suddenly in quilter's heaven.

My previous complaints (and frustrations) with making miniature quilts evaporated. Little patches were no longer a challenge to manipulate. Seams and points came together like magic. And it was all so easy!

Suddenly, I was a lean, mean, mini making machine (okay, not so much with the lean and mean part). I don't see an end in sight any time soon -- I'm just having too much fun designing and making little quilts. And I enjoy just as much teaching this technique to others, watching their delight in how easy it is to make a beautiful mini of their own. So, my hope is that Miniatures in Minutes will appeal to quilters like me -- quilters who love the look and feel of a little quilt but who would like a quality result that is awhole lot easier to achieve.

Though I should probably give fair warning -- making miniature quilts? Totally addictive!


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