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Who is Shannon Conley?

Shannon Conley is an art quilter and fiber artist in Moore, OK, whose work is informed by her experience as a cell biologist. She runs a biomedical research lab at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. Since 2009, she has focused on art quilts, and is particularly drawn to the tactile, layered, and textured nature of work made from fabric and thread. Ideas for her quilts often arise from scientific research from her lab or others. Sometimes the link is obvious, such as pieces depicting biological specimens or topics, while other times the links is more indirect. Much of her recent work has focused on interpreting the diversity and interconnectedness of various ecosystems, largely focused on the dry mountains and high desert of southern New Mexico where she grew up. One of her current series focuses on exploring the connections between science and religion, and between the objective nature of the physical world and the way it's colored by our varying perspectives. She is active in Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc., a professional organization for art quilters and fiber artists where she serves in a variety of capacities. Her practice references traditional techniques familiar from quiltmaking, especially the repetition of form and shape so integral to centuries of pieced quilts. However, she has expanded her approach to make three-dimensional work which incorporates non-traditional fibers and fiber-like materials, as well as sculpting, openwork, painting, dyeing, and screen printing.

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