Who is Sarah Vedeler?

Sarah Vedeler is an award-winning quilt artist, pattern designer and teacher. Sarah takes quilts to new levels of artistry with her signature style, passion for vibrant, modern colors, and masterful use of embroidered appliqué.

Since she was a little girl, British-born Sarah Vedeler loved to sew. Her hobby continued through her teens and later at the University of Brighton, England — where she eventually earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science. She moved to the United States in 1998 to follow her career and shelved sewing until her first pregnancy, which then provided the perfect stage for her creative mind to take over once again. She borrowed a sewing machine and started sewing clothes for her growing baby girl. When it became time to invest in her own machine, Sarah discovered machine embroidery and the art of quilting.

Combining her computer savvy with embroidery software and a passion for quilting, Sarah spent the next few years sewing, experimenting, and winning awards for her quilt designs. This helped her develop her signature technique of creating appliqué using an embroidery machine. Sarah is a lifelong BERNINA machine user and a Brand Ambassador for the company. She’s also part of the elite group of Aurifil Masters.

Sarah’s been featured in several magazines, including McCall’s Quilting, Quiltmaker, Designs In Machine Embroidery, and The Fat Quarterly.

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