Roberta Horton (left) Mary Mashuta (right) Roberta Horton (left) Mary Mashuta (right)

Who is Mary Mashuta?

Mary's family traveled west from New York during her childhood. She grew up in southern California. Today she shares a home in Berkeley with sister and fellow quilter, Roberta Horton.

Mary has two degrees in Home Economics and worked in and taught interior design where others paid her to practice making color and design decisions. She is a professionally trained teacher and has taught high school, community college, adult education, and for the California State Department of Education. In 1985 she graduated from San Francisco's Mercy High School for the twelfth and final time.

As a full-time quilt teacher and author, Mary has taught in 41 states, Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, and The Netherlands.

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