Who is Judy Martin?

1969: The first lunar walk, Woodstock, the Amazing Mets win the World Series, and Judy Martin makes her first quilt. All right, so Judy's first quilt doesn't quite rank with the other listed events. It just shows that Judy has been doing it a long time and has learned quite a bit in nearly a half century. Fortunately she's not shy about sharing what she has learned.

Judy Martin has been earning her sole livelihood from quilting for nearly 40 years. From 1979 to 1987, she worked for Quilter's Newsletter Magazine and Quiltmaker. As an editor, Judy was one of the principal pattern designers on staff, author of countless articles and six quilting books. In 1987 she left to start her own publishing company, Crosley-Griffith, with her husband, Steve. They have published her seventeen most recent books, including her latest, Singular Stars. Crosley-Griffith also manufactures Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Tools.

Judy, Steve, and their 2 children, Kate and Will, moved to Grinnell, a small town in central Iowa, in 1993. Grinnell is a safe and friendly community that is home to Grinnell College. They chose Grinnell because it is a good place to raise children, and they haven't regretted the decision.

Judy's interests, apart from the obvious, include playing boardgames, sketching architectural and furniture designs, reading good fiction, watching good films, and eating good and often exotic food.

Judy Martin feels like the luckiest person in the world to get to make her living from quiltmaking. She buys more fabric than she'll ever use, asks her husband to just pull a sweater over it when his shirt loses a button, irons clothes only for weddings and funerals, and has gotten over feeling guilty about any of this. Judy encourages you to do the same. You'll live longer and be happier.

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