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How to Dye Natural Fabric with Kim Eichler-Messmer | Lone Star Quilt with Judy Martin

(Show 2411) Kim Eichler-Messmer, a fiber professor at the Kansas City Art Institute who focuses on using a natural and ancient dyeing (plants, nuts, insects, minerals) method. Kim uses freshly picked marigolds from her yard as an eco-friendly dye to create a batch of lovely yellow fabric. While the fabric and marigolds "cook", she shares examples of different colors and patterns that can be achieved using natural dyes.

Kim next demos improv piecing with a serger. She has done a fair amount of garment construction using the serger and includes it as a the tool in her quilting tool box. She has a fun technique for stabilizing lamé that is then sewn together with her hand-dyed fabric in ‘chunks' and strip sets. She shares examples of quilts using serged lamé blocks for an added bit of texture and interest. Then it’s time to take the marigold fabric out of the cook pot to reveal the intense yellow color.

Learn how to unlock the Lone Star Quilt with Judy Martin. Judy loves math and the challenges of working with complex star quilts. A writer of 23 quilting books, she and Ricky build and share variations that can be achieved when it comes to one of the most beloved blocks…the Lone Star. Using one very large WIP quilt, it becomes a game of shuffle and discover as the viewers watch the myriad of possibilities when pieces are flipped, shuffled or turned. Judy shares completed Lone Star quilts revealing more color combination examples.

Block Featured: Lone Star

Fabric Dyeing, Serger, Quilting Design, Fabric Preparation, Silk, Unusual Materials, Traditional
Series 2400

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