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Who is Judy Ahlborn?

Hi, my name is Judith Ahlborn.  I was raised in a family of artists, and have loved art and being creative since I was a child. I studied fine art at Grand View College in Des Moines, Iowa, and finished my degree in Textiles and Clothing at the University of Kentucky.  After retiring from a career in computers and information technology, I am now concentrating on my artistic roots.

I found my niche in fiber art and mixed media, and combine my love of painting, sewing, and computer technology in my work. By using my computer to design and alter images, I transfer them to fabric, paint, and then stitch them to create unique works of art. I work in various design programs including Kaleidoscope Kreator, Electric Quilt, and Photoshop Elements.  I currently teach Photoshop Elements classes to quilters and textile artists.

Over the years my favorite subjects have been birds, flowers, butterflies, and kaleidoscopes.  Branching out and getting inspiration from the works of Alphonse Mucha, I have started doing some portraits.  I've recently started traveling more and have added works that reflect the architecture and street views from my favorite parts of the world.   Lastly, I come from a gymnastic and aerial acrobatics family so occasionally I will incorporate dance or acrobatic themes into my work.

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