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Add-A-Quarter PLUS Ruler - 6 Inch

CM Designs Inc. Add-A-Quarter PLUS Ruler - 6 Inch Quickly and easily add quarter-inch seam allowances to quilt pieces... Product #: AddQTRP based on 2 reviews Regular price: $7.99 $7.99 13

6 Inch Add-A-Quarter PLUS Ruler

Price: $7.99

Stock Status: In Stock
Tags: 2001 , 2111 , Judy Ahlborn
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The 6 inch Add-A-Quarter PLUS ruler is used to add a quarter inch seam allowance to paper pieces and templates, or to quickly and accurately trim excess fabric while foundation piecing.

A specially designed 1/4 inch lip allows for easy placement of the ruler on the edge of pattern pieces or folded paper, and the tapered edge on the opposite side of the ruler offers a straight edge for folding back foundation piecing paper.

We have pink and yellow available- if you would like one color in particular please add a note in your order!

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