Who is Ellen Lindner?

Ellen Lindner is a talented quilt artist and teacher, who is passionate about making fabric into art. She says, “I make art for the pure joy of doing so!” Known for its strong contrasts and vivid colors, her art has been shown throughout the United States, and beyond, has been commissioned by several well-known hospitals, and has been published in several magazines. Ellen has been seen on Quilting Arts TV, where she taught some of her techniques. She’s also written two books and several magazine articles.
Her work is very diverse, ranging from pictorial still lifes to modernist abstracts. In addition to using commercial fabrics, Ellen has recently started dying much of her own fabric. This enlivens her pieces and gives her one more way to control the results. She works in a freeform collage style, while borrowing heavily from traditional quilt making techniques.

Entirely self-taught, Ellen has worked most of her adult life as a flight instructor. Now utilizing her teaching expertise at a lower altitude, she offers lectures and workshops in a variety of quilting areas – both in person, live online (via Zoom,) and online on-demand. These are always well received, since Ellen’s enthusiasm for design, color, and experimentation is contagious!

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