Who is Cheryl Arkison?

One of those kids that burnt out all the flashlight batteries to read under the covers, I have a life-long love of words. Writing stories as a kid, moving across the country to go to journalism school, and finally founding my home when words collided with fabric. And oh, the fabric! Bits of woven beauty inspiring us to cut it up only to sew it back together again. I started sewing with instruction from my Mom as a little girl, continued through Home Ec (when it still existed in schools), and am going strong after 18 years of quilting. Recently I went back to my roots and am garment sewing again. When quilting became my profession I needed a hobby!

Always writing, always creating. It might be by the light of the laptop on a winter morning or to the soundtrack of cartoons and swimming pools, but I don't let a busy family schedule stop me. On top of my quilt career, I am finding the time to write fiction and picture books . Stolen moments of exploration when travelling to teach or do fantastic things like judging quilts at QuiltCon allow me to fuel personal creativity.

With Ukrainian heritage I am at home in the kitchen too. I make a great borscht and a near perfect pyrohy. That being said, my Baba would be disappointed to know that I am a terrible gardener.

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