Strip Piecing Sample- Strip Piecing Sample- Photo by Janet Wickell

Strip Piecing

Strip Piecing is a time saving method of making patchwork quilt blocks. Strips of fabric are cut across the width of the fabric the size needed for the block. The strips are sewn together into "strip sets", then cut to the size needed to become segments of a quilt block. Stitching fabric strips together reduces your need to cut and sew many small individual pieces of fabric. Strip sets can also be sewn to other segments to make a block. This method is used in many quilt patterns. Strip piecing can be used in blocks from simple to complex.

Benefits of Strip Piecing

  • Strip Piecing is a big time saver. Traditional piecing would be sewing each individual piece together, one at a time.
  • Sewing together strips of fabric can be done quickly and efficiently, then cut to the size needed for the block.
  • You will be able to make many segments (or block parts) at one time.
  • Quilt blocks can be made from one strip set or from a series of strip sets making this a very popular technique.

Supplies and Tools for Strip Piecing

You'll need the following to start Strip Piecing:

  • Ruler, rotary cutter and self healing cutting mat to cut your fabric strips.
  • Some patterns may require specialty rulers or templates to subcut your segments. Your quilt pattern will specifiy tools needed for a specific project.
  • Fabric and Thread for piecing.
  • Sewing machine.
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Strip Piecing

STRIP PIECING does make things fast and easy but it is always important to cut and sew accurately. When sewing more than two strips together, reverse the starting point for each new strip. This will encourage your strips remain straight. Press to set your seams then follow the pattern's pressing directions. Strip sets make lots of units quickly. It is very wise to make sure that you are sewing the right pieces together before you have a whole pile of units that are stitched incorrectly! (Ask me how I know!!)

Strip Piecing Resources