Straight Line Quilting

Straight Line Quilting is a series of straight lines, stitched across the surface of the quilt. The lines can be parallel to the edge of the quilt for vertical or horizontal lines, or sewn on the diagonal, usually at a 45 or 60 degree angle, sometimes creating a grid pattern across the quilt. When the quilting lines are about 1/8" apart it is referred to as "matchstick quilting" as the quilting lines are about a matchstick apart. 

Benefits of Straight Line Quilting

  • Straight Line Quilting is easy to stitch for those who want to quilt their own quilts.
  • Quilting Lines to follow can be made with a marker, chalk line, or low-tack painter's tape.
  • Straight Line Quilting is relatively fast to quilt. It is the basis of "Stitch in the Ditch" quilting. It can also be used for an over-all straight line quilting design across the quilt.
  • It is seen very often in Modern quilts that want a striking "no fuss" finish.

Supplies and Tools of Straight Line Quilting

A walking foot is a very helpful accessory for Straight Line Quilting. It helps keep the three layers from shifting, preventing puckers or "shirring" along the stitched lines. Most walking presser feet have a guide as a separate attachment to the walking presser foot, that makes marking lines on the quilt top unnecessary--the guide is used to keep the lines of stitching at a specific measurement apart.

What I Wished I Knew When I Started Straight Line Quilting

STRAIGHT LINE QUILTING is a fast and easy quilting design that can add a lot of texture to a quilt.  Some even say the lines can be wavy...

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