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Stitch in the Ditch

Stitch in The Ditch is a term used to describe quilting on the low side of a seam or where there is no seam allowance fabric under the block component, making it "the Ditch".  Quilting where the seam allowances are raised up would be more difficult and highly visible.  The Stitch in the Ditch quilting can be around the blocks or block components and borders.

If the seam allowance is pressed open, it is not advisable to "stitch in the ditch" because you would only be stitching on the threads of the seam line, which could compromise the integrity of the quilt.

Benefits of Stitch in the Ditch

  • Stitch In The Ditch provides stability to the quilt and may be all that is needed depending on the batting used.
  • Stitch In The Ditch secures the three layers of the quilt together. Basting can be removed after the quilt is "Stitched In The Ditch", making it easier to add more quilting across the blocks or specific areas of the quilt top.
  • Stitch In The Ditch is a great way to start learning machine quilting.

Supplies and Tools of Stitch in the Ditch

  • A Walking Foot can be very helpful when doing Stitch In The Ditch for straight seams.
  • Pressing the seams to one side creates the Ditch during construction of the quilt.
What I Wished I Knew when I Started to Stitch in the Ditch

STITCH IN THE DITCH adds structure and stability to quilt borders and helps prevent distortion.

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Stitch in the Ditch

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