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Stamping is the process of imprinting a design from a design surface onto fabric. You can make your own stamp from just about anything or use a commercially available stamp. The stamp is covered with ink or paint then pressed onto fabric.

Benefits of Stamping

  • Stamping allows you to use your own stamp to create your own fabric design.
  • Stamping commercially produced fabric can add a new level of design.
  • Stamping allows you reproduce a design consistantly.

Tools and Supplies for Stamping

You'll need these for Stamping:

  • Commercial Stamps
  • Blocks for carving - there are many varieties available
  • Carving tools
  • Permanent inks or paints
  • Brayer
  • Simple stamps can also be carved from a large potato cut in half
  • Interesting found items to use as a stamp include corks, leaves, containers or any heavily textured items.
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Stamping

There are many commercially available stamps for personalizing fabric for quilts and accessories using STAMPING methods. Found items can provide a unique stamp from unexpected sources such as recycled items.

Stamping Resources