Sashing is strips of fabric between blocks, generally in the rows and columns of a quilt. Sashing can visually tie all of the quilt blocks together and can be a strong element depending on the complexity of the blocks. Sashing will also make a small quilt larger, and by changing the color of the sashing throughout the quilt it can create a secondary pattern in the overall design of the quilt.

Benefits of Sashing

  • The color of sashing can be the unifying element that visually ties the whole project together.
  • Sashing can be adjusted to make the finished quilt larger or smaller.
  • The intersections of the sashing can also incorporate a quilt block the same size as the sashing.

Tools and Supplies Sashing

Fabric cut in the size needed for the quilt.

What I Wish I Knew When I Started - Sashing

SASHING doesn't have to be boring!

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