Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbon Embroidery, also known as Silk Ribbon embroidery, is an Embellishment technique that employs silk ribbon and thin woven ribbons.  Basic embroidery stitches are used to create flowers and decorative stitches for quilts, accessories and garments. The stitching is done directly on the foundation fabric of the quilt block or garments and accessories.  The stitches are traditional embroidery stitches done by hand or with a sewing machine. Ribbon Embroidery is often used in Baltimore Album Quilts, Traditional applique quilts and Crazy Quilts.

Benefits of Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbon Embroidery can add details and elegance to any project.

Ribbon embroidery gives a 3-Dimensional look to the finished components and is much faster than applique.

Tools and Supplies for Ribbon Embroidery

You'll need the following for Ribbon Embroidery:

  • Silk ribbons for Embroidery - generally 4mm or 7mm wide
  • Chenille or Tapestry Needles
  • Perle Cotton or Embroidery Floss
  • Thread
  • embroidery hoop 
  • fabric
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Ribbon Embroidery

The ribbons used can be found in craft or fabric stores. 

Ribbon Embroidery Resources