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Quilt Photography

Quilt Photography isn't just using your phone's camera to snap a quick picture to share with friends on the internet! If you're thinking about entering a juried quilt show or submitting to a magazine or book publisher, you'll need a good photograph of your quilt that really shows your work to it's fullest advantage. To photograph your quilt you'll want good lighting, accurate color and to highlight the texture and details of your quilt. Your photograph should be the best posible representation of your quilt. You may also need access to photo editing software such as Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop. Good Quilt Photography takes time, patience and lots of practice. Using a digital camera has a learning curve and practice will improve your photos over time. Professional Quilt Photography can insure a great quality photo for your submission allowing you to make the very best image of your quilt available to quilt show juries and publishers.

Benefits of Quilt Photography

Good Quilt Photography will allow judges and publishers to see an accurate representation of your quilt. If you are entering your quilt into a juried show or for competition great photos are a must.

Tools and Supplies for Quilt Photography

You'll need the following for Quilt Photography:

  • Digital camera and tripod
  • Lighting either natural or with lights - be sure to check how the color is captured and avoid shadows.
  • Photo editing software
  • Time and patience
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Quilt Photography

Good QUILT PHOTOGRAPY involves a lot more than having a great camera. Have reasonable expectations when you're getting started. If all else fails have your quilt photographed by a professional textile photographer. Each Show or Competition will also have specific requirements for the photos, usually in "pixels", which equate to size and space requirements. Be sure your photo meets the requirements.

Quilt Photography Resources