Quilt Basting

Quilt Basting is the process of using 3-4" running stitches to hold the quilt sandwich together prior to actually quilting the quilt. Generally basting starts from the center of the quilt and radiates out to the edges.  Basting allows the quiltmaker to manipulate the quilt, either for hand quilting or machine quilting, without the layers shifting. There are many methods of Quilt Basting:  long running stitches with needle thread, a spray adhesive, a powder base basting product that is ironed.  Also, you can take the quilt top, backing and batting to a longarm quilter and ask them to baste the quilt. If the quilting will be done with a longarm machine, basting is not required as the quilt top, batting and backing are placed on rollers and assembled during the quilting.

Benefit of Basting

Quilt Basting before the final quilting insures your quilt top, batting and backing, stay properly positioned.

Supplies and Tools for Basting

  • Quilt Top, Batting and Quilt Backing
  • Long Sewing or Quilt Basting needles, even the long needles for doll making
  • Thread
  • Spray Baste
  • Basting Powder and iron
What I Wished I Knew When I Started - Quilt Basting

QUILT BASTING a quilt top prior to quilting will keep the quilt top and backing properly aligned and leave you with a better finished product. Long arm quilters can baste your quilt for you! Spray basting may be an option for smaller sized quilts. Read in the instructions of spray basting product before use...it can be very sticky if you have a heavy hand and get "everywhere" without proper precautions.

Quilt Basting Resources